VSAT DriveAway

originalDA100The DA-100 is designed to be the lightest and most compact 3 axis motorised satellite antenna, making it suitable for installation on the standard roof fixings of any vehicle.

The drive-away DA-100 has a 1.0m reflector and is intended for long-term semi permanent installation but at only 38kgs it is easily transferred from one vehicle to another.   However, by removing the quick release feed cartridge, as an option the DA-100 can be supplied in 2 fly-drive cases each light enough to meet latest airline checked baggage requirements.  The concept of flying a system to a foreign country and quickly installing the antenna on a rental vehicle is finally a reality.

Both versions of the antenna comfortably meet Intelsat/Eutelsat recommended specifications, including side lobe performance better than  29-25 log theta and a choice of high power or low power antenna feed means that cost can be optimised for conventional high power SNG systems or low power video over IP systems.

A standard +12VDC power supply means the antenna can be operated from the cigarette lighter socket on a car or optionally a separate weatherproof 90 to 260VAC supply can be specified.

A flux gate compass, GPS system and inclinometer can be integral to the antenna providing accurate position and heading co-ordinates to the chosen antenna controller.  Various third party antenna positioners can be specified to meet customer preferences but the antenna is ideally controlled via RS485 using the GigaSat STC-100 antenna controller.

The STC-100 antenna controller can in its most basic version be supplied as a jog controller with 99 memory presets but is most commonly supplied with pre installed software for auto-pointing and uniquely to GigaSat full auto acquisition using an integral RSSI board or beaconreceiver.

When in auto acquisition mode the DA-100 will automatically point to the chosen satellite and peak on azimuth, elevation and polarity with no user intervention.  Full power transmission can be accomplished within a few minutes of arrival at site.



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