The following equippment is implemented

  • ruggedized case
  • Explorer 700/710 BGAN terminal
    • telephone and IP data transmission (e.g. Internet)
    • max. data rate: up to 492kbs
    • data streaming: up to 384kbs or 650kbs
    • multi-user terminal
    • 2-wire conection for telephone
    • ethernet connection (RJ45)
    • ISDN connection
    • with and without WiFi access
    • integratet webserver für setup and configuration
    • AC charger
    • LiIon battery
  • wired handset T&T with fixing
  • Inverter 12V DC – 230V AC 150W
  • 12V DC connecting cable 2m (detachable)
  • 230V DC connecting cable 2m (detachable)
  • connections outside the case: 12V DC, 230V AC and Ethernet (RJ45), ISDN …
  • automatic switching of the input voltage (AC or DC) inside the case
  • all components inside the case have protection class IP 54 – so the case have also IP 54 when it is open
  • it is possible to fix the angle fo the casing cover in 10° steps
  • battery for extended powering of the integrated systems
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