Inmarsat Broadband Global Area Network

originalBGAN_coverage-2009-03The state of the art world-wide available Internet access with telephone fax and data availability via satellite

Inmarsat BGAN (Broadband Global Area Network)

Inmarsat BGAN is a world-wide satellite system which covers most of the communication needs. It is a mobile IP broadband solution with shared IP Data up to 492 kbit/s and streaming IP with up to 384 kbit/s. Streaming IP is an on demand IP quality of service which can be used for life video solutions like video conferences or broadcasting. Simultaneous voice and data communications and SMS can be send and received with only one smal single device.

Several technologies like IP, ISDN and standard voice can be used with such a terminal. They are equiped with analog voice ports, ISDN ports, Ethernet, USB, Bluetooth or WiFi access for connecting computeres and phones with the unit. (depending on the unit)

Worldwide telephone, fax, data transfer, Internet access, picture transmissions, video conferences, remote controls and anything like that becomes a standard even at remote places. The system is very easy to use and needs to be configured only once for using it worldwide.