Iridium SC4000

originalIridium_SAILOR_SC4000_fix_stationThe SAILOR SC4000 Iridium telephone system is the ideal satellite communication solution and well suited for all types of vessels cruising the high sea – from yachts to fishing vessels, from coasters to large merchant ships, from coast guards to naval vessels. With true global coverage and advantageous airtime rates, the SAILOR SC4000 Iridium is the obvious choice for anyone sailing along foreign coasts with high GSM roaming fees – and onwards to as far as the artic seas.

The Iridium Satellite Network

Iridium is a reliable and truly global satellite network for telecommunications. Its 66 cross-linked low orbiting satellites form a world-wide grid providing real global coverage. From pole to pole, a satellite is always in sight and ready to handle your call. A convenient assurance, but more importantly, a crucial safety factor keeping peace of mind. Iridium offers very attractive airtime rates and executes trouble free Iridium to-Iridium and Iridium-to-shore calls and vice versa.

Constructed to Last

The SAILOR SC4000 is extremely sturdy and designed specifically for the harsh maritime environment being able to withstand even the toughest conditions at sea. Based on the original SAILOR reliability, it is made for rough life and usage and is approved according to international maritime standards.

Global Voice for Crew Calling

The sea can be a lonely place of work. Family, friends and loved ones are thousands of miles away. Providing a solid and easily accessible communication solution for your crew will help you keep spirits and morale high on the entire voyage. The SAILOR SC4000 Iridium telephone supports a wide selection of crew calling plans and prepaid scratch cards. In fact, the SAILOR SC4000 can act as the on board telephone box, allowing each crew member to manage and control their own costs directly, so you won’t have to worry about individual billing and administration costs. A simple solution. Better for you and better for the crew.

Data Capability

The standard data capability of the SAILOR SC4000 Iridium system is 2.4 kbps and can be turned up to 10 kbps by accessing Iridium’s 10 kbps compressed data service. Beside basic e-mail exchange and internet access, it supports the PC based Iridium SMS service for short text message communication with other Iridium phones.


The Antenna

In spite of its very slim and delicate design, the SAILOR SC4000 antenna is very sturdy. It has no moving parts, and the helix construction is coated with glass-enforced epoxy, which is highly weather-resistant and able to withstand the extreme conditions at sea.

The Intelligent Handset

The SAILOR SC4150 is handset and control unit in one. Navigating through a logical menu structure, it is easy to use as it is operated in exactly the same way as a conventional mobile phone. The large LCD display shows all the major functions and includes system surveillance and all the usual mobile phone functions. As it is equipped with a small but efficient loudspeaker, incoming calls are easy to hear – even in wheelhouses and other noisy environments.

The Iridium Transceiver

The robust SAILOR ST4120 transceiver features metal protective housing for professional maritime installations. The easy access to the SIM card reader allows crew members straightforward insertion of their own SIM cards. The transceiver is easy to install and is the central hub of the entire SAILOR SC4000 Iridium system.

Connectivity, Accessories and other functions

A total of four SC4150 handsets can be applied, providing maximum flexibility as both to users and locations. The SAILOR ST4120 Iridium transceiver also features RS232 serial interface for PC connection and NMEA input, as well as RJ11 for an additional analogue phone or a standard PABX system, allowing any attached phone on board to make or receive calls.

Ship Security Alert System (SSAS)

The SAILOR SC4000 Iridium system is SSAS compatible with the addition of the SAILOR H4122 SSAS kit. The SSAS functionalitymeets all requirements of SOLAS resolution XI-2/6and does not require extra subscription or signing fees apart from the standard Iridium subscription. With the Iridium Tracking System (ITS), the SAILOR SC4000 Iridium can deliver GPS positions or be tracked at any time within regular intervals configured on ship or from shore.



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