Thuraya SatSleeve Voice & Data

Thuraya-SatSleeve-iPhone-Adapt-2Thuraya SatSleeve is the world’s first satellite adaptor for your Smartphone, providing users with easy and affordable access to mobile communication services delivered over Thuraya’s powerful satellite network. Insert your Smartphone into the SatSleeve to stay connected through phone calls, SMS and data via satellite mode — and put the entire world within reach.

You may make normal GSM calls even if your Smartphone is docked in the SatSleeve. If you choose to make the call through the Thuraya APP it will be a satellite call. And if you decide to make the call as you would usually do through the Smartphones “ phone” interface then that would be a GSM call.

The SatSleeve APP can be downloaded from the Apple APP store or Google Play.


Simply insert your Smartphone for full walk-and-talk capability in satellite mode. Available in 12 different languages, the SatSleeve APP allows you to easily integrate your Smartphone contacts when making satellite calls and SMS.

Extended battery life for your Smartphone

Acting as a backup battery for the Smartphone, Thuraya SatSleeve enables you to operate for longer periods of time without worrying about power running out.

Thuraya SatSleeve is available for IPhone 4/5 and Samsung Galaxy S3/S4


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